About Us

Guilt Free Indulgence is all you get at Goodness Rocks and for that we make no apology! Filling your body with all the right fuel gives you awesome energy that keeps your mind sharp, your mood lifted and promotes a healthier and happier you. Be a better version of yourself and eat well at Goodness Rocks.

Goodness Rocks use only the best fresh lean meats and wholesome ingredients, cooking them in a way that can best be described as ‘healthy’. All our ingredients are sourced locally and where possible we promote local suppliers. We know we can trust their produce and we know our customers get the best products while supporting our local economy.

We avoid processed foods, sugar and artificial colours and flavours. We offer all your favourite foods…but just make them that little bit healthier. Good honest food bursting with flavour helping you support a healthier, happier lifestyle…and all brought to you in a warm, friendly and welcoming environment.

So go on…enjoy that guilt free satisfying breakfast, lunch or just a cheeky little break with friends or colleagues. The kids will enjoy some time in our kids corner while you relax. Or book a table for our Saturday Night Bistro and sample our fabulous 3-course menu with friends or family. In fact just turn the X-Factor off, bring your own bottle and listen to some live music – a better experience by far! Goodness Rocks!